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Nikiski residents make recycled glass into jewelry

KENAI, Alaska (AP) — If a concrete mixer ever dreamed of making something beautiful, Jenna Hansen is giving it a chance to live out that dream.

{Repurpose Universe}: How to make your own sea glass

Dec 12, 2011 · How to make your own sea glass ... if you happen to have a cement mixer on hand --- not moi! He created a bunch of sea glass for his garden beds and the result is ...

How to Make Jewelry from Beach Sea Glass

Simple Sea Glass Bracelets (above) When drilling a small hole fails, reach for the super strong E-6000 glue. Sea Glass Bracelet by Martha Stewart Selected beach glass pieces are glued (cement glue) to a disk-and-loop bracelet.

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Mar 17, 2016 · DIY Sea Glass Candle Painted birds – via Pinterest Stepping stone. This is one of my projects and my tip with making sure the glass looks colorful against the concrete is to spray paint the back side white.

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Pail, Measuring Cups, Large stir sticks or cement mixer; Vegetable oil (any oil to keep cement from sticking) Found objects such as sea glass (which you can also buy here), sea shells, tiles, rocks (or anything else you want to embellish the stepping stone with) Instructions for making your own decorative diy stepping stones:

DIY Sea Glass : 3 Steps

The steel fins inside the mixer act as the large rocks of the ocean sea bed. I started breaking wine bottles into small pieces and stole some sand from the beach, and added it all to the mixer (you can use sand from a playground sandbox if you don't have beach access).

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Cement Mixers. With comprehensive new and used ranges available at affordable prices, portable cement mixers are no longer confined to the construction site. For casual users and DIY enthusiasts, theres a portable cement mixer to match any budget and workload requirement. Find mixers from trusted brands including JCB, Honda and Belle.

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Genuine vs. Artificial Sea Glass — Sea Glass Jewels and

2012/09/25 · I have been wanting to write about genuine vs. artificial sea glass for a long time. Last week someone forwarded an article to me from the web about using a cement mixer to make your own sea glass. This was not only

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Jan 05, 2011 · Wash the glass well, use low-silica cement, and make sure you use air entrainment additives and you should have long lasting non-structural concrete. I’ve used recycled glass aggregate (actually created from recycled glass in a hardened foam) for a lighter than water concrete canoe, and it worked excellent.

How to make your own sea glass

Dec 09, 2011 · How to make your own sea glass ... His glass {shown below} is also made with a cement mixer. Here's my assessment, in order to do this well, you need an investment in ...


MAKE YOUR OWN SEA-GLASS MULCH!: Ok so it isn't true seaglass but it is a decent approximation and one of the few ways you could get enough to really fill your garden. All it takes is an old cement mixer, a huge source of scrap glass and understanding

4 hours to make seaglass using a cement mixer

Making your own sea glass. I also saw another pin that suggests using a small cement mixer instead of the tumbler. DIY Sea glass by loading tumbler with colored glass shards and abrasives. Seaglass Tumbler what a great idea for making beautiful art pieces

Home made tumbled sea glass thoughts?

2013/12/31 · Anyway I was looking into uses for broken glass rather than throwing it all away & I found a YouTube video of a guy making home made tumbled sea glass in a cement mixer. This guy was making bulk loads for his own use but it got me thinking about how well

What to Expect When Mixing Concrete With Glass

Jul 05, 2011 · If it’s dirty, he suggests tumbling the pieces in a drum mixer with some water, a healthy dose of bleach, a good cleaner and a degreaser. When you’re done, rinse the glass until the water runs clean and let it dry. “The glass needs to be clean for the best performance,” he says. “You can’t make good concrete with bad ingredients.”

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Hi, just wondering how you find real sea glass. I have looked over many beaches I lived in California and Oregon for a total of 53 years and never found but one piece. I finally got an electric cement mixer loaded it with sand water and glass and let it rumble along for many hours.

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Cement is pulverized limestone oysters freshwater mussels or seashells that has been heated to high heat to remove CO2 Concrete is a mixture of cement water sand and gravel Mortar is a mixture of cement water sand and lime Alrighty looks like you will need some limestone [Chat Online] Making Fake Sea Glass at Home 5 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Make Necklaces From Sea Glass or "Polished" Glass

A simple, easy and inexpensive project to create necklaces using sea or beach glass or glass "tumbled" to create the same effect. Sea glass or beach glass is physically and chemically weathered glass found on beaches along bodies of fresh and salt water. They come from bottles, glasses, plates, even windshields.

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Aug 03, 2015 · I, too, make my own sea glass. I go to a local bar and ask for the empty bottles (free and you can get clear, greens, blue, brown and black) and I go to thrift stores to find other colors of glass. Just make sure the color is NOT painted on as it will come off when tumbled. I don’t have a rock tumbler so my husband borrowed a cement mixer.

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What is Sea Glass?

Sea glass is a popular material in jewelry making and you see it, and its cousin beach glass, available for sale in craft stores. But what is sea glass? How is that different from beach glass? And is it really possible to make your own? The seas are one of the most ...

Bulk Sea Glass

Home - Bulk Sea Glass. Bulk Sea Glass - Your Guide to Buying It Bulk Beach Glass and Sea Glass. Your need-to-know information on bulk sea glass - The size, color, availability; genuine or imitation. Be sure to read all of this guide before purchasing your sea glass in bulk.

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Make Sea Glass in a Rock Tumbler - It really works

Jul 11, 2016 · Yes, you can 100% make sea glass in a rock tumbler. On the CAGW Facebook page a few weeks ago, I expressed my intention to try to make “sea glass” (ie. tumbled glass) in my kid’s rock tumbler, as soon as she finished the batch of rocks that she was currently polishing in there.

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Sea Glass Crafts - Ideas, Sea Glass Projects, or Sea Glass Art Possibilities. A lot of people (including myself) like to use their beach glass and sea glass for jewelry, maybe by creating wire wrapped jewelry or creating jewelry using metalsmithing techniques.

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Adding sand and water makes a lot of sense when using a cement mixer. I am not sure that he could morally call that sea glass. If I lived near the beach I might rig up a cage and put glass in it so that it would really be sea glass. It sells for big money if it has the right colors.